May 14, 2013


Posted by Ryan Frazer, CIT/Leadership Program Director at Peconic Dunes 4-H Camp, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County

This offseason we were really excited to have identified an obvious connection between our Leadership Program (8 – 15 year olds) and our CIT program (16 year olds). The goals of both programs have been to develop skills in young people that would help them to be leaders in their respective communities. So why not run them under the same department and program director?!?

Ryan Frazer, CIT/Leadership Program Director and 7-year Peconic Dunes veteran was excited by the opportunity to begin working with the younger campers. “We are engaged in making these two programs reflect on one another in a way that allows the leadership program to be a complement to the learning opportunities afforded to our counselors-in-training in our intensive 4 week training program when campers graduate from camp at the age of 15,” Ryan said in one breath. Ryan also added that 16 former CITs will be joining our team this year, with the oldest graduates finishing the program in 2009.

Camp Director Chris Colahan and 2009 CITs, Moriah Santiago (2013 Garden Science Instructor), Connor Johnston (2013 Basketball Instructor), Andrew Capone (2013 Chief! and Waterfront Instructor), and Kevin Crawfish

The CIT Program remains relatively the same with a small infusion of new activities, like camping skills, Leadership apprenticeship, and skits to kick off Vespers. The Leadership Program will see some new games and a greater CIT presence. The CITs who apprentice at Leadership will be there to support the instructors and to practice some of the active listening and group facilitation skills they learn during Peer Mediation Training.

Ryan with 2012 CITs...several of whom are 2013 Junior Counselors

Some of the other faces we will see leading these programs this year are Chelsea Duffy, the newly established CIT Programming Coordinator, and our leadership instructors, Adam Higgins and Kayleigh Hackett. All of these individuals possess unique skills and experience that will make this department one to marvel at.

As a team we are all excited for the opportunity to work with the future leaders of our global community. This is going to be an activity filled summer that will bring new opportunity and adventure to create memories for a lifetime. See you this summer!

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