January 31, 2008

Research Grant

On Monday, January 28, 2008, the Town Board of Southold passed a resolution supporting Scott Russell's (the town Supervisor) application for a $75,ooo grant from the Environmental Protection Fund. If awarded, the money will be used to conduct a comprehensive ecological study of Great Pond ecosystem and the watershed around it (Great Pond is the 30 acre pond Peconic Dunes County Park shares with 30+ Southold homeowners). The money will also be used to hold free public education workshops about maintaining a healthy watershed (to be held at Peconic Dunes County Park and other locations in Southold). Peconic Dunes' wet lab will also be incorporated into the project by using our aquariums to show specific types of habitat in the pond. This project will also create opportunities for campers to learn about a local watershed and to work alongside Cornell Marine Program researchers as they collect data. Keep your fingers crossed that Southold gets the grant!


January 29, 2008

Camp Newsletter

By now every 2007 camper should have received a 4-page copy of The Dunes Report, CCE's newest newsletter! If you didn't receive a copy of The Dunes Report, you can download a copy.

I hope the photos and stories have brought back some happy memories and you're thinking about your Peconic Dunes family. I've heard from some of you over the winter and by the sound of it, everyone's doing very well. I can't wait to see everybody in a couple of months...

Kudos to all the contributors to the first newsletter: Doug Mace, Roger Martin and Craig Osmer. Also, big thanks to Cornell's Print Production Team: Rusty Tyler, Joe Pallister and Lisa Alps.

If you're an alumni, current camper or parent and you'd like to contribute to the next newsletter due out fall 2008, contact Chris at cpc49@cornell.edu.


January 23, 2008


Welcome to the Peconic Dunes Blog!

I've been with CCE for 10 months now and I have a few kudos to give out...(like we do at camp)...

- to Stacy Meyers on behalf of the Suffolk County Marine Environmental Learning Center (SCMELC) for donating 2 Blue Jays.
- to Mary Morgan for her donation of a Blue Jay.
- to Tom and Ellen Williams for their donation of a Sunfish.

- to Courtney Brown-LaForteza (Jonah's mom)
- to Cutchogue library
- to Riverhead library
- to Southold Town library
- to Roger Martin for constructing the bookcases.


In future posts I'll write about:

-upcoming events
-completed projects
-special announcements
-links to opportunities with other Cornell Cooperative Extension programs
-changes around the Dunes
-Anecdotes from Roger

- Christopher Colahan, BlogKeeper and Dunes Director