August 18, 2008

Week 7- "Big Booty!"

Our second week of E.C.O. was productive with all of our groups making further progress with their projects. We also had a Halloween themed dance complete with scary costumes worn by some of our counselors.

European handball + Counselors Khriss and Ryan= DANGER!

7:30 Din...I mean breakfast!



Watch out! Ryan's coming!

"Have you ever wrestled a grizzly bear?"


Who's scarier?



Land of Peconic Dunes!


August 11, 2008

Week 6- "Something Strange in the Neighborhood..."*

Our first week of E.C.O. was extremely fun! The week also included a toga-themed dance which despite a thunderstorm ending turned out successful. The CITs created an evening program featuring Olympic style games.

Campers showing off their Environmental Art project.

Lots of toads could were found and caught throughout the week; sometimes for E.C.O. projects and sometimes just for fun!
Our toga-themed dance.

A sunset after a long day at camp.

*"...Who you gonna call?" -Ethan Comber

August 4, 2008

Week Five- ZINGER!

Despite a very wet start to camp, week five was full of enthusiastic campers and counselors. We had a talent show featuring both campers and staff. Our CITs finished building benches for roundup and created a scavenger hunt as an evening activity. The counselors competed in an intense basketball game. We finished the week with a rave-themed dance, amazing water carnival, and a campfire complete with skits!

*"Zinger!" is a trademark phrase of Jackie Polden