May 6, 2013


Posted by Mike Hogan, Sports Director at Peconic Dunes 4-H Camp, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County

Hunger Games has created a stir around the world to get kids involved in archery.  There is no better way to experience archery than at Peconic Dunes 4-H Camp. Our instructors, Alexa  and Caitlin,  will teach and challenge the campers to become the best shooters that they can be.  There will be so many fun games that relate to target shooting.  There will be no doubt that your child will be coming home excited to continue archery. Don’t worry parents we won’t allow the campers to shoot apples off other camper’s head. Just counselors!

Peconic Dunes 2012 - Week 3 - Sports Commercial from Peconic Dunes on Vimeo.

The NBA playoffs have begun and the New York Knicks are showing the world just what they are made of.  But in their path stands men named LEBRON, DWAYNE,  and DURANT.  At Peconic Dunes, you will be able to dribble like CPIII, pass like Ricky Rubio, shoot like Carmello Anthony, and watch the counselor Conor Johnston dunk like LEBRON.  Come to camp with your favorite jersey on and start your dream of playing in Madison Square Garden someday!

Do you Bend it like Beckham? Do you score like Messi?  Let’s see if you can score on Counselor, Michael Song.  Which cabin will win the World Cup? The Sandfleas? The Mozzies? The campers will also be allowed to take the New York Red Bull Challenge. This tests their ability in a variety of drills in dribbling, passing, and shooting. Who will beat Camp Director Chris Colahan’s record? The soccer curriculum will also consist of fun activities that are suited for all skill levels.

Put on the sunscreen, kick off those sandals, and work on those skills. It’s beach volleyball time!  Can You Dig It? Will you dive for a ball and end up like a breaded chicken cutlet? Here at Peconic Dunes, we will teach the campers the skills of passing, setting, spiking, serving and team formations. Your child will come home ready to dominate those backyard BBQ volleyball games.  The best part is to see the campers get so excited over a long rally win.  The curriculum will allow the campers to experience fun games to improve their skills.

BACK, BACK, BACK, GONE! Those are the famous words of Chris Berman during the homerun derby contest.  Counselors, Paul and James will improve the campers batting, fielding, base running, and game situations. The question is; Will you be able to hit their curve ball for a double, triple or homerun? Who will win the 2013 Homerun Derby? Can you beat Paul’s record of 6 consecutive homeruns hit? Don’t worry campers we will have a short porch so all can HIT ONE OUT.  Question of the week who will win more games by the all star break METS or YANKEES?

Who will be the next IRONMAN/IRONWOMAN? We have an exciting adventure trail through the woods where the campers must go over, under, and around obstacles. Then they put on those bathing suits and swim like Michael Phelps.  Finally, they hop on our brand new mountain bikes for a journey through beautiful Southold, NY.  A true TRI – ATHLETE!

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