April 1, 2008

Peconic Dunes Community is Growing

The Peconic Dunes Blog is now 2 months old. In its first 2 months, hundreds of people from Suffolk County, NY and over 400 people worldwide have logged on (check the counter at the bottom right of the page). This blog originally started as an experiment. By being here, reading this, you've proved that there's a demand for up-to-date information on Peconic Dunes. Thank you for your interest and for being part of the Dunes community!

There are other ways you can participate in the Peconic Dunes community when you can't actually be out at the Dunes. A group of Peconic Dunes campers and counselors started a group on Facebook. Currently there are over 100 members! Peconic Dunes Camp also has a Facebook profile so if you're already a member, register Peconic Dunes Camp as one of your friends!

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