April 8, 2008

Girl Scout Troop 864 (part 2)

Monday the Southold #864 girls were at it again: shoveling, lugging, drilling, carrying...and having fun working on their Girl Scout Bronze Award. Grabbing rides from mom's and dad's straight from school, the entire troop worked feverishly on the Peconic Dunes County Park Nature Trail Improvement Project from 3:30pm until 6:30pm. When everyone finally packed it in the day's light was fading and we all retreated back to the Nature Center for some well deserved hot chocolate and tea.

The project goals for Monday were (1) to install a handrail on the footbridge they installed last week, (2) line the eastern section of the trail with logs, and (3) carve out some trenches to empty out standing water and direct rain runoff to avoid erosion. The girls almost completed everything, but we underestimated the size drill bit required to allow a 1/2" line to pass through for the handrail posts (answer: minimum 3/4").

The entire troop was in attendance and they should be recognized: Ria Anasagasti, Gina Anasagasti, Justina Babcock, Brittney Bellomo, Hayley Bolettieri, Melony Collins, Sydney Evans,Jamie O'Sullivan, Sabrina Panetta, Shannon Quinn, Jessica Rizzo, Abigail Scharadin, Shannon Smith, Colette Steele, Lauren Waters. Kudos, Girls, for your hard work and service learning.

Excellent job again girls! See you next week!

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