June 8, 2013


Posted by Pamelyn Beukes, Waterfront Program Director for Peconic Dunes 4-H Camp, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County

So this week has been a very busy week! Peconic Dunes officially has 14 newly certified lifeguards as well as 3 newly certified lifeguard instructors and water safety instructors. Lifeguards play a very important role to waterfront safety throughout the summer and will be situated primarily on the Sound for sailing and snorkeling, and on the Great Pond for kayaking and canoeing. This year we will also have certified lifeguards in the STEM, and Trekking departments.

To prepare for the awesome summer ahead, our lifeguards have been working very hard. This is how their week looked…

Despite less than optimal weather conditions on Monday, and a few nervous faces, the lifeguards braved the cold waters and completed a successful swimming test to check for fitness. Tuesday was filled with rescue scenarios and videos to prepare us for anything. After two days of intense training, the lifeguards participated in a practical test, in which they had to save victims that were active, passive, and had spinal injuries.  The lifeguards made Peconic Dunes proud, and I would definitely feel safe knowing they will be on the beach this summer looking after the campers. The week ended with the new instructors presenting a first aid, CPR and AED class, that was followed by a written test taken by the lifeguards.

We are all looking forward to great, and safe summer on and off the water, and cannot wait to see you all at camp!

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Ros Beukes said...

Wow , that is awesome . Well done to all of you . Good Luck . Hope you all have an awesome SUMMER !