March 10, 2012

2012 Dance Themes

In case you're new to Peconic Dunes 4-H Camp, one of our traditions is the Thursday night dance. For years our counselors came up with themes a day or two before the dance and would spend their time off scavenging thrift stores and costume shops. Then last year someone had the brilliant idea to use the secret staff Facebook page to chose the themes before camp so we could email all the families, and post them on Facebook. The result was that a lot of campers came to camp prepared.

Campers dressed up for the "Letters P & D" dance.

This year we want you to vote on the dance themes! We got the list started. You can add to it at the bottom. The 8 themes with the most votes will be the 2012 dance themes. Feel free to use our Facebook page to campaign for your favorite theme(s). There's no guarantee that your theme will be picked (it's up to the voters). Also, once we have the top 8 themes, we'll probably assign them to each week at random, unless we hear from you. Again, use the Facebook page to share your thoughts. Voting will conclude Sunday, March 18 at midnight. (Be sure to click "Done" to cast your vote).

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rebecca said...

What does the 'hipster' theme involve? Like any ideas for costumes??

CCE @ Peconic Dunes County Park said...

Check out this wiki for ideas: