February 3, 2012

Community Service

Posted by Mike Connell, Assistant Director at Peconic Dunes 4-H Camp

What does dish-duty, the buddy system, the Lakota Friendship Circle, and Vespers all have in common? All of these activities promote an understanding of the importance of community. At Peconic Dunes, we foster an environment that helps our community to be aware and ready to serve their home community. A core value we embrace in all parts of camp life is community service. We want to create an understanding that you are a part of a larger community. Understanding an opportunity exists and choosing to become involved in a service project long after you leave us is one of our ultimate goals.

Peconic Dunes Community Service Project, Earth Day 2011

Community Service is donated service or activity that is performed for the benefit of the public or its institutions. Examples of community service can include many types of activities. One example could be volunteering at a community center to help out an elderly neighbor with yard work or shopping. Another could include becoming involved in a community project, like an Earth Day clean up. Or, it could include organizing a blanket drive for homeless shelters through your team, class or club. All of these forms of service have a tremendous value and impact on our home communities in a positive way.

Our younger campers may not feel ready to jump into community service roles. But, you can get involved, too! You could volunteer to help your parents or other family members with smaller projects around the house. Through practice, you will develop the ability to help serve others. And, your parents will really appreciate the extra hand!

Peconic Dunes Community Service Project, Earth Day 2011

Volunteering for community service offers its own reward. The satisfaction of helping others in need and giving back will help each person understand the connections we all share in our world. Service is a positive way to show the adults in your life, such as parents, grandparents, teachers, that you are maturing and ready for more responsibility. The more you reach out to help others, the more opportunity you will have for personal growth.

The best way to get involved with the community is to choose something you are passionate about. Do you really love animals? Then contact your local shelter and volunteer to become a dog walker. Do you like to read? Maybe the library needs volunteers to read to younger children. Are you worried about our environment? Then help organize a park or beach clean up with your class, school, or club. Do you need more suggestions? Take a look at this link that provides you with ideas specifically geared to youth. 366 Ways to Serve the Community 4-H Style.

At Peconic Dunes, we already know our campers are actively involved with their communities. But, now we would like to hear about your individual stories of personal service to the community. Join the discussion on
Peconic Dunes Facebook Page. Let us know what you are doing so we can show the world just how great you are!

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