January 8, 2010



Online registration is now open! We are working feverishly to get our new website and brochures up and out. In the meantime, here are some program improvements to look forward to in 2010...

1. "Arts and crafts" and "ECO Art" will expand into the new Expressive Arts House. There will be 6 activities in the new house: drawing, crafts, music, dance, theater, and videography/ photography. The last, videography/ photography, will require pre-registration and an additional fee. Campers will learn how to make a short video which will be screened at the Friday Campfire.

2. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is sponsoring ECO. ECO projects will include Great Pond, Long Island Sound, Shellfish Aquaculture, Dune Ecology, and Sustainable Design. Pre-registration is required to participate. The DEC is offering funding, curriculum and training to our staff. The DEC's generous support has created full, need-based scholarships for this program. We encourage you to apply.

3. Houses...in the afternoon, from 2pm-4pm, campers will be able to choose a "House". The Houses are Sports, Waterfront, Outdoor Life, and Expressive Arts (ECO is also a House, but those campers will have pre-registered). Once a camper has chosen a House, s/he'll be able to choose from any of the activities within the House. The will ensure campers receive more choice, and more opportunities to do their favorite activities with their friends.

4. New Staff...this summer we've created several new positions to serve our community even better. We've already filled our two newest positions: Camp Programs Director and Camp Life Director. The Camp Program Director will be responsible for overseeing all camp activities, evaluating program curriculum, and giving staff feedback for improvement. The Camp Life Director will be responsible for working with campers and staff on quality of life issues. We're excited to announce that our Camp Programs Director will be returning staff member, Matt Larsen, who possesses dual degrees in Physical and Outdoor Education. Our Camp Life Director will be new to P Dunes, Moana Kerr. Moana hails from New Zealand where she works as a student counselor and possesses a degree in counseling.

5. Food...we're bringing in 2 new cooks this summer. Both will be attending the North American Camp Food Service Conference. Our goal is to improve the quality of food. I'm meeting with our new cooks 1/12/10 to discuss challenges from last summer and the menu for 2010. The new cooks are Larisa Parsley and Jeremy Martin. Both bring years of experience to the professional kitchen, working in both high volume kitchens and high end restaurants. Larisa and Jeremy are both excited about the opportunity to use more fresh vegetables from our garden and have opportunities to work with the campers and staff to create meals that everyone will enjoy.

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