June 29, 2009

Reunion Wrap-up

The 1st Annual "P" Dunes Reunion is in the record books! Thank you to everyone who came out! About 40 alumni and another 40 of their husbands, wives, kids and friends came for some beautiful weather. Most folks took a stroll down memory lane as soon as they arrived. Our 2009 Staff held down some activities...canoe, kayak, swimming, soccer, volleyball, basketball, frisbee, art and archery. Around noon Chef Jeremy offered us all a nice summer BBQ...burgers and dogs, watermelon, fruit salad and chips. After lunch it was more activities.

P Barton Erickson, Pinecrest Dunes Alum 1949 - 1957, has generously scanned his entire photo album and sent them to us on CD. Many of the photos were on display around the campus. We'd like to collect photos from every era of "P" Dunes. We're also embarking on a video story project, collecting camp memories from alums. About 10 people volunteered to sit in front of the camera and shared their stories. I hope for those to be available soon...

Some awards...

Most Way Back: Bill Scott, '63 - '65, Northport, NY

Camp Couple who got married: Justin & Janet Pagano, '89 - '90

Furthest Traveled: Janet Ray, '91 - '93, Orlando, FL

Biggest Summer to Turnout: 1990 had 7 folks...Sue (Cucci) Geary, Janet & Justin Pagano, William Cahill, Jennifer Sullivan, Paul Casey, Terry Numbers

Expect an announcement in the coming weeks for next year's reunion dates. Also...there were a few requests for a regularly scheduled winter gathering...I'm thinking the Cornell Club in Manhattan. More info coming soon...

Click here for more Reunion photos

And as always...

You can register here for camp!
(Still room for boys for all sessions and girls for week 8)

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