February 6, 2008

Camp Brochure

The 2008 summer camp brochure is ready and going to the printer!

If you don't think that you're on our mailing list, please call 631-727-7850 x328 or email info@peconicdunes.com to request that one be sent to you. Don't forget to include your mailing address!

Some of the new programs to look for in 2008...

ROOKIE CAMP (May 30-June 1): Our Rookie Camp is one weekend and designed to provide a comfortable transition from day camp to sleep-away camp for both children (and their parents).

SAILING (Sessions 1-5): Campers interested in learning how to sail can receive first class US Sailing instruction on the Long Island Sound.

EXTENDER WEEKENDS (Sessions 1-5): Now, we're offering campers the opportunity of an uninterrupted camp experience with the Extender Weekend. Campers choosing to stay will participate in a specialized weekend program not usually available during weekly sessions.

FAMILY CAMP (August 29-31): Family Camp provides an opportunity for a low-cost family vacation in a safe, comfortable setting with the recreational activities to interest all ages. Adults and children alike enjoy the same counselor-led camp activities we offer during the summer, such as archery, sailing, fishing, arts and crafts, campfires as well as yoga.

Kudos to all who contributed to the brochure! Thank you Joe Pallister, Judi Veeck, Tim Jahn, Lisa Alps, and Rusty Tyler!


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